Q: Did you change your name or something?

A: Yes. For the first 10 years of my career, I went by my married name, Alaina Mabaso. After a divorce, I returned to my given name: Alaina Johns. So you will find either of those bylines on my stuff.  

Q: What do you write about?

A: Toads. Theater. Helicopters. Astronauts. Non-profits. Town halls. Painters.  Mental health. Venture capital. Politics. Social justice. You name it.

Q: What’s your day job?

A: I’m a writer.

Q: Do you ever think about getting a real job?

A: No. Yes. Occasionally. 

Q: If you were successful, wouldn't you be on CNN or something by now?

A: Ok, this is not really a frequently asked question, but my uncle did ask me this recently. I hope it's not true.

Q: Are you available for writing assignments or projects, or just generally to hear the thoughts I'm afraid to leave in a public comment?

A: You can reach me through this website's contact form.