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Why do we eliminate cancer cells, but not depression symptoms? Talking with 'The Depths' author Jonathan Rottenberg (part III)

"Certainly in other branches of medicine…they’re very interested in those residual cancer cells, you know, we can’t have those; but with depression, basically the standard [in recovery] is when they say someone has responded with greater than 50 percent symptom reduction. If you were spectacularly depressed, you’re still pretty depressed… That [outcome is] not good enough."

Is psychiatry intellectual fraud? Talking about depression with 'The Depths' author Jonathan Rottenberg (part II)

"We’re better consumers of things like toasters and what airline to fly on than something as important as mental health. There’s amazingly poor data for the consumer. It’s a huge issue ... With psychiatry or other areas of mental health, there’s very little reputational information you can get, and people can do things that are borderline unethical, and it’s very difficult to sue." 

Depression and the self-help book disaster: Talking with ‘The Depths’ author Jonathan Rottenberg (part I)

A lot of those books, I think, are really misguided, and I think do a lot of harm ... My true feeling is that most of self-help is a disaster, and really it doesn’t help people much at all ... It’s not that it’s bad in principle; most of the execution of these things is disastrous and it’s really driven by commercial interests more than anything else.